Wednesday, 29 August 2012


1) Start off by preparing a TIMETABLE..
2) Make sure you stick to the timetable..
3) Make short notes for every subjects
4) Don't study for long hours..take short breaks in the middle
5) Take enough rest before you start studying
7) NEVER do last minute revision..Never us..:)
8) Eat well and stay healthy..:)

Heyy mates..So watch this funny video and make sure you don't do it too..:) Because you know how it'll end up..:) Good Luck for your exams..:) Study Smart and achieve great success with your own effort okay..:)

Written by: Iker, Ashok, Vikram, Sanjiv

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Weekly lesson - Does Technology brings More Harm than Good?

Hi students!

Please check out these COOL gadgets. What do you think it is?

There's a saying that "All technology should not be assumed guilty until proven innocent".

 It has been a debated subject that there are some people who would be thinking that life will be better without technology. But by looking at our lifestyle nowadays, we cant't actually function well WITHOUT technology.

What do you think? Does technology brings more harm than good? Provide your reason and examples. Thanks:)

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Weekly Lesson - Save Our World

Hopefully, after you have watched this video are now more aware of the damage that we have done to this world. Modern living has taken its toll. While watching this vid, I have asked you to jot down things that we can do to preserve this earth. Always remember that one simple gesture, one small action can help in saving our mother nature.

 Although severe damage has been done, we should not give up. There's still hope. Please share with us, what you CAN do, WILL do or SHOULD do to help saving this world. 

What I Love about Myself

Hi all!
 Following the lesson on Eating Disorder, we have together listened to this very meaningful video on what we can do to cope with this problem and spread the awareness on eating disorder. One of the suggestions made, in which I personally think that is in a way effective is to always feel good about yourself. Other than the 'Mirrorless Monday' program, another way that you can personally do to boost your self-confidence is to always see the good side of you, not only physically but also your internally.

I want to know your response. Please post your comment here, by saying "I love myself because.....". There must be at least ONE thing that you love about yourself. As what I have mentioned, it should not only be about the external but it can also be on your personality and qualities that you like about yourself. Probably, I should start first...:)

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Weekly lesson: Eating Disorder

A disturbing topic but yet, need to be discussed. For the form 5, this is the video that I've used for my lesson this week under the theme Health. What say you? Do we need to suffer to be beautiful? Just a question for us to ponder. Some of the images might be disturbing to some people, but for the purpose to instil a good eating habit, I think this video is appropriate.

It's saddening to see that we have been bombarded with the false image of beauty. How YOU define beauty? Is it being skinny equals to being beautiful?

Need to grab some lunch. will be continued....

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Why Kaleidoscope?

The Kaleidoscope. (Please pronounce it right as 'ke-lei-dos-kop'.)

Why 'kaleidoscope'?. Probably some might find it hard to even pronounce or even never heard of the word before. It's okay. Just think of the rainbow. One word - COLOURS. 

It's because of colours. Life is full of colours. OUR life is indeed a kaleidoscope of changing colours.

Still unclear?
 Just, look at the image. The image is a clear example of a kaleidoscope of colours. Colourful, multicoloured..
And why KALEIDOSCOPE? This is a blog, specially created to people out there, especially dediacted to  the dearest MK students of ours (of course), to project the COLOURS of US, to show to others, how COLOURFUL we are and to share our COLOURFUL stories. Our school, is indeed full of colours. The question is, what's your COLOUR?
  • writing the first entry is not as easy as I think. haha!
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